Friday, December 6, 2019

WOmWam Image Catalog - Brief User Guide

The existing repository of pix has been uploaded.  Additional images will be added intermittently as discovered.

The Image Catalog follows most of the previous concepts from the original WOm!WAm! site of the 2000s:

WOm = Women Overwhelming men!
WAm = Women Attacking men!

The Tags approximate what defines the image content across The Catalog.

Archetype Tags = Predominant FEMale Stereotypes in the male sexual psyche.

WOm&WAm Tags = Specific types of male fetishes featured in popular media, either Overwhelming or Attacking men.

Tags currently listed feature only 10 instances of a FemmeNomena as examples.  Quick Searching a Tag as a keyword should result in more instances of an Archetype or Fetish in the catalog.  Still a work in progress as most pix don't have descriptions.

Quick Searching a FemmeTasm name, particularly in quotes, should result in all of Her images in the catalog. The chronology of individual Femme image listings is still clugey - working on that.

The organization of all the images is chronological, meant to be browsed through as a method of discovery.

Thanks for visiting...

The Original WOm!WAm!
[as of Sep '20: Please register to use the site. No email required, fake name ok. Just trying to avoid bots.  Please allow 24 hours after registration for 1st time access.]